Our Story

Subsite® Electronics is a member of the "family of companies" that comprise Charles Machine Works, each focused on meeting the needs of the underground construction industry.  At Subsite, we are committed to providing underground construction professionals the most comprehensive suite of electronic products in the industry, including utility locators, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) guidance systems, and equipment machine controls.  By listening to our customers, utilizing innovative technologies and providing outstanding after-sale support, Subsite Electronics has become the premier source of electronic technology to support the installation and maintenance of underground pipe and cable.  For more information, view our Corporate Video

History of Subsite Electronics

In 1989, the Ditch Witch organization entered the horizontal directional drill market with the Jet Trac®. And while the big orange machine got most of the press, it wouldn’t have been possible without Subsite® Electronics.  A year earlier, Subsite Electronics had been formed with one mission - to develop HDD guidance systems needed for the current and future Ditch Witch Jet Trac drills.  And within three years, that mission had expanded to include development of a new utility locating product line.  By 1991, Subsite Electronics had introduced a comprehensive line of innovative and reliable HDD guidance and utility locating products to the underground construction marketplace.  

Over the next 20+ years, Subsite's business and product offerings continued to expand and diversify, to eventually include Ground Penetrating Radar and a wide variety of equipment machine controls.  Today, as an independent company within Charles Machine Works, Subsite Electronics continues to utilize state-of-art electronic technologies to provide underground construction professionals innovative, productive and reliable electronic products to facilitate the installation and maintenance of buried pipe and cable.


Green IS the New Orange...

Subsite Electronics was formed in 1988 to develop and manufacture HDD guidance systems for Ditch Witch® drills.  Although our business has grown and diversified significantly since then, our relationship with the Ditch Witch organization and dealer network has remained strong.  Until now, Subsite products were largely orange in color and marketed under the Ditch Witch brand.  But now, we're Going Green!  You can still purchase the same great Subsite products, from the same trusted Ditch Witch dealers, but they will now be green, branded Subsite Electronics and feature our new logo.  We are very proud of our rich history and close association with the Ditch Witch organization.  But we are equally proud to introduce our new logo and distinct color to the marketplace.  

Underground Awareness™

Completing an underground construction project safely, efficiently and in the least amount of time requires a total awareness of the jobsite environment and the unique challenges each job presents. For Subsite Electronics, “awareness” is much more than creating data or information. It’s about creating understanding. Understanding that gives our customers confidence in their ability to do the job. That’s why we developed the most comprehensive suite of Underground Awareness products in the industry.  Whether it’s the location of a buried utility, the depth and orientation of the drill head, or the critical operating parameters of the HDD equipment, we provide our customers the products needed to get the job done, and done right. Subsite Electronics. When you need innovative and reliable technology for the Underground Awareness of buried pipe and cable.